Get An Address (CLI Method)

At the time of this writing, the current Monero CLI (Command Line Interface) software is version is Always choose the latest version and try to stay uptodate. Assuming your computer is not compromised, this is most secure and stable method of managing a Monero wallet at this time. Although, it’s definitely the least user-friendly option. Check out the GUI (Graphical User Interface) or ( methods for other ways to create a Monero wallet if you run into problems.

Step 1.

Download the latest version of Monero from Most people will probably want the “Windows, 64-bit” option.

If you’re on Windows and don’t know whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit operation system, press the windows key + the R key to open the run dialog. Then paste cmd.exe /k echo %processor_architecture% into the field and press ok. This will open a window and probably have the numbers 64 or 86 in the output. 86 is 32-bit.

monero downloads

Step 2.

Unzip the package by right-clicking the download and choosing the “Extract All…” option. Once open, find the file labeled “monero-wallet-cli.exe” and open it.

This part is optional for the purpose of creating a wallet but in order to actually use your wallet, you should also open the file labeled “monerod.exe”. Just minimize it after it’s open and let it run. It will download a lot of data and sync up with the network after several hours. It must be synced for you to check a payment or send a payment.

cli wallet

Step 3.

After opening monero-wallet-cli.exe, you need to give your wallet a name. The name is not important. Just type something short like the word wallet and press enter..

cwallet name

Step 4.

The program will ask you to confirm creating a new wallet. Just press y and then enter.

wallet confirmation

Step 5.

A password is needed to lock and unlock your wallet files. You wouldn’t want someone getting on your computer and being able to view or spend your monero.

We reccomend using a random password generator in conjunction with a password manager. Try to get the password above 17 characters. The longer and more complex, the better. Remember, if you lose your password, you can always restore your wallet from your mnemonic seed from step 7.

wallet password

Step 6.

This section is just asking you to pick a language. Press 0 and enter.

wallet language

Step 7.

Read the green part carefully and copy the 25 word mnemonic seed somewhere safe. Those 25 words in that order can recover your wallet and allow anyone to use it. Go ahead and close the window when you’re done.

wallet seed

Step 8.

Almost done. Now we just need to grab your wallet address. Assuming you named your wallet, wallet, go back to the folder you extracted and look for a new file called “wallet.address.txt” and open it. If you named your wallet something else just look for “your_wallet_name.address.txt.” Copy that address and your ready to move onto step 2 on our home page.

wallet address