Get An Address (GUI Method)

At the time of this writing, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) software for Monero is still in development. That means there are bound to be a few bugs. Also, it’s only available for 64bit operating systems. If you bought your computer in the last 5 years, you’re probably ok. Check out the CLI (Command Line Interface) or ( methods for other ways to create a Monero wallet if you run into problems.

Step 1.

Head on over to Scroll to the bottom and download the version for your operating system (Probably Windows 64-bit).

Step 2.

Unzip the package by right-clicking the download and choosing the “Extract All…” option. Once open, find the file labeled “monero-wallet-gui.exe” and open it.

Step 3.

Choose your language and select the “Create a new wallet” option on the next page.

Step 4.

The 25 words that show up next are called a mnemonic seed and can be used to recover your wallet. Make sure you store them somewhere safe. Anyone with those words, in that order, can essentially open and use your wallet.

Your wallet name doesn’t matter. Make it whatever you like or even just call it wallet.

Pick a location on your computer that you’ll remember to store your wallet files. Although if you lose them, it’s really not that big a deal because they can be restored from your mnemonic seed.

Step 5.

A password is needed to lock and unlock your wallet files. You wouldn’t want someone getting on your computer and being able to view or spend your monero.

We reccomend using a random password generator in conjunction with a password manager. Try to get the password above 17 characters. The longer and more complex, the better. Remember, if you lose your password, you can always restore your wallet from your mnemonic seed.

Step 6.

Almost done. Now open your wallet. The Monero daemon should launch and begin syncing with the network. That will take a lot of time but you don’t really need to worry about it till you get your first Monero. We suggest just leaving your daemon running if you can. It strengthens the network and keeps you uptodate when you need to check your balance or send a payment. BTW A daemon is just a program that sits in the background waiting to or making shit happen.

Click the tab that says “Receive” and copy your address to notepad or something. You’ll need that to receive payments from mining. Once that’s done, move on to step 2 on our home page.