Get An Address ( Method)

Step 1.

Go to and click “Create an Account”.

This Site is by far your best option for a hosted Monero wallet. Read their support page for more info. Keep in mind that this is not the most secure way to manage your wallet. That goes for all cryptocurrencies, not just Monero. The CLI (Command Line Interface) and GUI (Graphical User Interface) methods can be considerably safer. homepage

Step 2.

Copy “Your Private Login Key” and store it somewhere safe. Paste the key into the field below and click the button that says, “I’ve written down my Private Login Key, log me in!”

IMPORTANT: Those 13 words, in that order, can grant anyone access to your wallet. Store them somewhere safe. mnemonic key

Step 3.

You’re done. Welcome to your new wallet. That 95 character string is your wallet address. People can use it to send you Monero. Now copy that to notepad or something and move on to step 2 in the mining process. wallet